Saturday, January 5, 2013

New T.V

Hi Readers,
 Today I want to RANT about the new television shows they have in the U.S. In previous years, the shows were witty, will written, and had a unique plot that made you want to watch more and more. Over time, it seems that television show writers have lost creativity and make shows in the same range. Now most shows are sitcoms about families with similar issues. It is hard to find a good show now these days, which is why I think the internet has killed television. On the internet, there so much more of a wide selection than there is on TV. Slowly this pattern has begun in the movie industries too. Usually only the book-made movies and the indie movies are the interesting ones. Now with all the new technology, movie producers think it's about the quality of the look and not the plot. I can totally disagree, I would rather watch a crappy looking but interesting animation than a good looking SGI but bad plot animation. I wish these people would open their eyes and see that not many people are liking this. Every time people ask me what is my favorite T.V show, I always have to think about an answer because it is hard to find a good one. The same goes for the amount of TV I watch, which is quite rarely. People are amazed, but now I see it isn't really hard to believe now with all the boringness. I've resorted to being a internet addict, and I'm glad I made the decision.

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