Saturday, January 26, 2013

Future... Win or Bust?

 As we know, technology is slowly coming to its full peak.

In fact, I think its going BEYOND the boundaries we thought it would. With all the new creations that genius people make each and every year, we are very dependent on technology nowadays.

I was reading this article that I stumbled upon, I will but the link when I finish, and I read the highly possible things that will occur these next 110 years. Things like injections that could cure radiation poisoning and clothes that could clean themselves. Things that would be amazing for our slowly deteriorating ecosystem.

Then I read that robots that would take over jobs, like personal training or doctoring. At first I thought "Wow, this will be great!" But, I thought again.

If we get robots to do our jobs, how will we earn money? They are basically doing the work for us, how could we earn money to survive?

Would we just earn money without doing anything?

Would we not use money at all and just be given things?

The only possible job I think a person could have in this possible "utopia", is to program and operate the machinery.

So in conclusion, I would be against robots taking over jobs.

What do you think? Let me know below! :)


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  1. Like your flower. I don't watch TV either, but I Netflix.