Saturday, January 26, 2013

Future... Win or Bust?

 As we know, technology is slowly coming to its full peak.

In fact, I think its going BEYOND the boundaries we thought it would. With all the new creations that genius people make each and every year, we are very dependent on technology nowadays.

I was reading this article that I stumbled upon, I will but the link when I finish, and I read the highly possible things that will occur these next 110 years. Things like injections that could cure radiation poisoning and clothes that could clean themselves. Things that would be amazing for our slowly deteriorating ecosystem.

Then I read that robots that would take over jobs, like personal training or doctoring. At first I thought "Wow, this will be great!" But, I thought again.

If we get robots to do our jobs, how will we earn money? They are basically doing the work for us, how could we earn money to survive?

Would we just earn money without doing anything?

Would we not use money at all and just be given things?

The only possible job I think a person could have in this possible "utopia", is to program and operate the machinery.

So in conclusion, I would be against robots taking over jobs.

What do you think? Let me know below! :)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obvious Rant

 I just wanted to discuss something that bothers me EXTREMELY. It is practically my number one tick, and possibly yours. It HAS to be in your top 5 ticks, or that is just my estimate. It is so annoying. Are you ready for it? Wait, why am I asking, I'm not going to get a response. Okay, just disregard it. I'll get to it. Stating the obvious. Now, this comes from specific people in my life. Teachers, strangers, peers, sometimes even friends. I have to admit, I sometimes do it myself. But, most times I refrain and remind myself to be courteous to others because I know I HATE it myself. I would only wish this on my worst enemy. I know I am kind of over reacting. You know what, not kind of, I really am. But I take a lot of things to deep thought. And this is probably the most prominent. Today I nearly EXPLODED with anger when this one girl in my class portrayed my number one pet peeve. The bell had just rung, signaling class was over. She turns over to me, using her soft and innocent voices, the ones people use to seem all angelical and stuff. Then she says, "The bell just rang." In the inside, I was turning from Jean Grey to Phoenix Force. Does she think I'm deaf or something? It was probably because all throughout the day, people were doing the Captain Obvious thing to. It was like throwing coal into an blazing fire. Well anyways, I just felt like complaining to something/someone without offending the specific targets of my torment. 'kay, thanks, bye. o_O

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New T.V

Hi Readers,
 Today I want to RANT about the new television shows they have in the U.S. In previous years, the shows were witty, will written, and had a unique plot that made you want to watch more and more. Over time, it seems that television show writers have lost creativity and make shows in the same range. Now most shows are sitcoms about families with similar issues. It is hard to find a good show now these days, which is why I think the internet has killed television. On the internet, there so much more of a wide selection than there is on TV. Slowly this pattern has begun in the movie industries too. Usually only the book-made movies and the indie movies are the interesting ones. Now with all the new technology, movie producers think it's about the quality of the look and not the plot. I can totally disagree, I would rather watch a crappy looking but interesting animation than a good looking SGI but bad plot animation. I wish these people would open their eyes and see that not many people are liking this. Every time people ask me what is my favorite T.V show, I always have to think about an answer because it is hard to find a good one. The same goes for the amount of TV I watch, which is quite rarely. People are amazed, but now I see it isn't really hard to believe now with all the boringness. I've resorted to being a internet addict, and I'm glad I made the decision.