Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Hi readers,
    I wanted to speak to you about the controversial topic of cloning. Now lets think about what cloning is... One might say it is creating life, bringing back a dead loved one. Another one might think it's a unethical process. Personally, I think it isn't a good idea for the clone itself, but how it could benefit people. Let's get the beginning. Inserting some part of DNA into a host, who then carries the clone for about nine months. Life is created, what a wonderful time! After a bit of time, the clone is used for the main purpose it was created for. Maybe for a spare body part, or a blood transfusion. But what would happen to it after? Sure, you could raise it normally, but what if it says, why was I brought into this world? What would you say? "Oh, we had you so your sister would have bone marrow." How would it feel? Like a spare part! It was only created for a function, not because of love or need of companionship. Same for animals, you just make more of a good cow so you will have good produce. What about the other cows? Let's say we can achieve human cloning, like cloning many Pamela Andersons' or Ashton Kutchers'? What about the other beings in this world? They won't feel special! I just can't agree with cloning, in an ethical standpoint and for the clone's sake. What if you found out you were born just to perform a task? How would you feel?

                                                                                                   Sincerely: Your Blogger

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