Monday, November 26, 2012

Starting Fresh, Diet Experts

 Hi Readers,
      When I first opened this blog, I was not that much of a mature person, after all, I am a young adult. But I want to be more of a mature person here, as that will probably make the blog a much more interesting place. I will mostly review controversial topics, things that I think about them. I won't get too personal here, as that can lead to not so friendly things. My first topic will be about the "Eat and What Not to Eat" shpiel. Maybe I could blog about food too.... hmm.... This blog will be pretty unstructured, but I will keep it as neat as I can. Back to the topic. So called 'health experts' out there make up stupid things about food that is bad for you and food that will help you lose 10 pounds in a week. They say to listen to yourself, and not to listen to other people, which pretty much is a business scheme to make you listen to them. An example could be *and I'm kinda making this up, but they do the same* : If cut out mushrooms from your diet you have a 10% chance of losing weight faster, also if you want to avoid gaining weight, eat half of the serving of honey suggested! Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get the point. Everybody is different! If two people ate the same diet, most likely they wouldn't react the same. I mean, my friend could have fries and a coke everyday without gaining an ounce, but if I did it, I would be obese! Well I finished ranting. Don't worry, this won't be a diet site. As I said, it will be unstructured, and I will reach many topics I find the public find interesting. :)

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